Sarasota Bay Dolphin

Dolphin babies!

In 2017, 19 dolphin in Sarasota area waters have given birth.  If you are out by the Intracoastal or beach, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the newborns.  One of the mothers, “Ginger” is a bottle-nose dolphin that was rehabilitated at Mote Marine Labs dolphin and whale hospital.    She was stranded when she was 3-years-old in December 2008 on Siesta Key Beach. Ginger was dehydrated and was covered in tooth-rake marks from other dolphins and appeared to be suffering from a respiratory condition called bronchopneumonia . She was released in February of 2009, with a VHF radio transmitter so Mote can keep tabs on her.  When visiting Siesta Key, where staying on the Intracoastal, Sarasota Bay or Gulf waters, be sure to keep your eyes open for the abundance of area wildlife!


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